Beginners Guide to Nehru Jacket

Beginners Guide to Nehru JacketNehru Jacket

Men’s dressing styles have always got inspiration from European cities like London, Milan, and Paris. However, Easter culture and its designs would continually transform the course of fashion. And in 2021, the fashion industry is changing and adopting new influences for the better – seeking many crafts for innovation. Unique style like Nehru Jacket for Men enjoys a brand-new rebirth in popularity.

For men seeking to understand the appeal, here is the beginner’s guide on all you should know about the sensational Nehru jacket for men:

A Brief History

The Nehru Waistcoat for Men Online got its name from Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister. It’s a fusion of designs that combines conventional Indian clothing with western culture. Moreover, it has become a staple garment in every modern Indian man’s closet.


The Nehru style precisely looks like the suit jacket but boasts a different stand-up mandarin collar without lapels, which gives it a more military and stricter appeal to its design. Furthermore, it is shorter and more fitted in length compared to an ordinary suit jacket.

Styling Tips

The Nehru waistcoat looks great if you wear it with mandarin or collarless shirts. Nonetheless, you can pair it with a turn-down collared shirt as well.

You can also style a floral printed waistcoat with kurta pajama for a traditional wedding look. It will help you grab others’ attention toward you.

So, this is a brief guide on this exceptional men’s waistcoat. Pick a suitable one for you and try it with any business or traditional wedding attire.