Gentlemans Guide to Wear Waistcoat with Shirt

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Many rules are to follow when it comes to buying men’s formalwear. The Waistcoat for Men is usually one of the most misworn garments. To solve the issues around this small piece of formalwear, we have come up with a guide. Let’s read on to know more!

How to Wear a Waistcoat with a Shirt

1. Ensure to Get the Right Fit

Getting the right fit of your waistcoat is not difficult if you purchase from a reputed store like Callino. Usually, men wear their trousers considerably lower; hence, get your right length if you don’t want to display your shirt.

2. Keep the Bottom Button Undone

This is another rule and if you can’t do this, then all the time you invested in starching your shirt, matching your tie, and polishing your shoes will be a waste. Know when you leave the bottom button undone.

3. Think about the Shirt before Wearing a Waistcoat

Before slipping into the waistcoat, you must think about your shirt. Your shirt should complement the cut, color, and pattern of your waistcoat.


Men must play around with shirting and styling their formal look or offering it a highly relaxed feel, based on the shirt. However, simultaneously make sure the outfit has a specific formality to it. Try wearing the waistcoat with a short or long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

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