Men's Waistcoat

A Waistcoat is a go-to accessory for individuals in the corporate and business sectors. If you want to wear a waistcoat, you should get it right. If it comes as part of a 3-piece suit, you will wear them together. But if you won’t, ensure the waistcoat will make some appeal. Else, your outfit will look dated.

How to Get a Bossy Look with Mens Waistcoats

How to Get a Bossy Look with Mens Waistcoats

If you want to look like a boss in your waistcoat, remember these points:

1. Choose the Correct Length

You should choose the right waistcoat length for your trousers. The waistcoat must cover the waistband. Hence, based on your height, the rise of your trousers, and your torso length, your waistcoat should be distinct.

2. Lined Back

Authentic waistcoats should always have a lined back. The back must be smooth so the jacket will drape and hang properly.

3. Big Armholes for Hassle-free Movement

Your waistcoat should have big armholes so it won’t prevent the motions of your arms.

4. Don’t Wear a Belt

If you wear a waistcoat, avoid the belt in favor of braces or side adjusters. After all, belts will always make the waistcoat different from the trousers’ waistband. And this looks crowded and bulky.


Want to buy the Mens Waistcoat Online to wear with a business suit? Then, choose simple textures and muted colors. Ensure to wear moleskin, leather, or tweed waistcoats to your office. Ensure to avoid shiny buttons and bold patterns. Based on your job, a woolen waistcoat will work for you.