How to Wear This Season Must-have: The Waistcoat


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The waistcoat is an amazing piece of men’s outfit that is extremely ignored and underused. Buy a Branded Waistcoat for Men Online in India and add a completely new dimension to your appearance.

How to Wear This Season Must-have: The Waistcoat

Color Contrast

Summer is around the corner, so why not wear a waistcoat in a color that contrasts with your dress shirt? It will offer an amazing twist to your conference room outfit.

Dressed Down

Casual office outfits must not be limited to chinos and shirt-tie. Wear a waistcoat over this attire to make a dressed-down, sharp look. Roll up your shirt sleeves and keep just one or two buttons of your waistcoat closed, for a relaxed feel.

Casual Cool

Buy a Waistcoat for Men Online in India in casual fabrics like linen blend, wool, corduroy, and cotton, and wear it over denim or cargos and a sports t-shirt for a casual appearance.

Texture Play

Pairing the same textured pieces is a foolproof fashion trick. Tweed goes great with denim, so wear a waistcoat while wearing jeans and a flannel shirt.

How to Get It Right

The measurement is of absolute importance. The waistcoat must sit comfortably around the torso and shoulders so your body looks streamlined and lean. For a refined look, wear a waistcoat with formal wear.

Experiment with your waistcoat and it will let you reap lots of perks – outdoors and at work! To purchase a branded waistcoat for men online in India, do visit Callino London and make a purchase at never-seen prices!

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