Textured Trousers for Men: The Best Alternative to Jeans

Textured Trousers for Men: The Best Alternative to Jeans
Textured Trousers for Men

If you still depend on denim, this is high time to try something new like Textured Trousers for Men. The textured pants are versatile enough to add more glamour to your plain shirt, especially if you are not wearing a blazer or tie either. This blog suggests some options to try in textured pants. Let’s explore them below!

1. Checkered Pants

Checks are amazing for every season. You can go for smaller checks to keep it elegant and decent enough. These micro checks look plain from a distance, but if you go close you can see those small patterns.

2. Slim-Fit Stretch Cotton Puppytooth Trousers

These trousers are basically a part of suits but look simply as good as on their own. Wear them with a casual shirt and a camel crew neck sweater, and voila, you are ready to nail the smart-casual look!

3. Tailored-Fit Glen Check Trousers

Check Trousers

If you are bored with Plain Pants for Men, we recommend you to try out a Glen check. You might be amazed as to how subtle these trousers look on. With a delicate blue line running through it, these trousers will be ideal to combine with pale blue cotton shirts for the office or to make it look more casual, a chambray shirt would precisely work.

Closing Words

Although many men’s closets are predominantly jeans-oriented, this is high time to move on with the fashion cycle. Try out the aforesaid options in textured pants as they are as versatile as denim.