The Ultimate Guide to Wear Shirts and Pants the Right Way

The Ultimate Guide to Wear Shirts and Pants the Right Way

Whether you are attending a business meeting or planning to hang out with friends in the evening, oftentimes you only need to look smart and refined without wearing a suit. Who said trousers and Shirts for Men cannot do the trick? If worn properly with the right color and patterns, this could become your perfect look for some days.

This blog gives some useful tips to wear shirts and pants correctly. Let’s check them out!

1. Contrast Collar Shirt

Generally, contrast collar shirts are pondered that of a Wall Street look. To get the best look of this shirt, pair it with a darker color of pants like navy, to keep up with the look’s formalness.

2. White Matches Everything

Being a crucial element of many men’s wardrobes, white Cotton Shirts for Men become accessible when running late to urgent meetings.

3. Highlighting or Lowering Your Noticed Height

If you want to improve your seen height, wear outfits in the same color. And if you want to lower your seen height, wear outfits that complement one another but break up the vertical line.

4. Color Coordination

For trousers and shirts, a lighter neutral shaded pair of pants like brown goes correctly with pink, pastel-colored blue, and yellow shirts. Darker shaded neutral pants like grey go perfectly with vibrant colored shirts with bolder patterns.

What’s more?

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