What Color of a Shirt Goes Perfectly with an Orange Waistcoat

What Color of a Shirt Goes Perfectly with an Orange WaistcoatOrange Waistcoat
Orange is a classic shade of creativity and a good mood. It comes with several variations and every man can select the most appropriate for himself when it comes to wearing a Printed Waistcoat Online in India. There are many exceptional ways to look great in an orange waistcoat. In this brief guide, we will show you which shirt color goes well with an orange waistcoat.

1. Dark Green

To wear an envy-worthy and elegant outfit, try teaming up an orange waistcoat with a dark green shirt. Spice up the attire with a pair of dark brown oxford shoes.

2. White

Waistcoat with White Shirt

An orange Printed Waistcoat for Men Online and a white shirt are strong sartorial weapons in a gentleman’s wardrobe. Add brown boots to add more grace.

3. Light Blue

Waistcoat with Light Blue

Try wearing an orange waistcoat with a light blue shirt and you will surely get many compliments. Include dark brown suede shoes to the attire to look smarter.

4. Grey

An orange printed waistcoat looks classy while teamed up with a grey shirt and grey dress pants. It makes you look like a perfect gentleman. Add more elegance with black leather oxford relaxed shoes.

5. Navy Blue

Orange and navy are the best color combinations if you want to make a polished wardrobe for men. To finish this look, wear black leather tassel loafers.

Do you have a plan to wear an orange printed waistcoat for men this coming season? Which color combination from the above-mentioned list is your favorite? Share your choice with us!